September 4, 2023

New beginnings

New beginnings" is a phrase often associated with the start of something fresh, a new chapter in life, or a chance to make a positive change. Why the need for change? There are a few reasons starting with the need to reduce overhead cost of running a photography business. With recent economic changes as we all know everything is more expensive. Our money doesn't have the same value it had a few years ago and in a lot of cases some things have doubled in price.

Im starting by using another web hosting platform. After some research I was able to find another site provider that actually loses nothing in quality and actually offers more. Not to bore you with technical details I wanted to share with you guys the actual overhead cost of business for photographers. This may help clear up why it seems so expensive to hire a photographer. Photographers like any other business has overhead cost to cover and some of these may surprise you.

Professional  photographers spend an average of:

1+ hours of prepping (emails, consults, etc.)

1-3 hours shooting a session

10-30 minutes of editing per picture (4-12 hours) This may vary

This is per session

Here are just some the expenses it takes operate at a minimum

They invest thousands of dollars in equipment, software, and props and spend countless hours

learning how to produce beautiful images.They don't get paid vacations or sick days. They

don't get bonuses for outstanding performances or for holidays. They don't have insurance plans or any benefits and 35% of their profit goes straight to taxes.

Photography is a labor of love for me and I wished I could do it for free but thats just not realistic as sited in the information above.I enjoy doing this and meeting new people and reuniting with others. I do this part time and I have a full time job but what a wonderful dream to do, just this. What is it they say "you'll never work a day in your life if you are doing what you love doing"

Look forward to providing you with your photography needs no matter the cost! However I do need help in covering those costs